Right Act. Right Venue. Right Image. Right Price.

ARD Productions/Promotions, the only choice when looking for a talent buyer, event/concert promoter and venue designer all in one place.

Often when we consult with a new casino client they are astounded to discover they could have major headliner acts for nearly the same price as the old acts they have been booking for years. The problem was not their budget but their talent buyer. At ARD we consult with you and uncover who is the right act for your venue and your brand. With over 30 years of experience, ARD has established relationships with all major agencies, managers and artists. We track the routing and historical data which allows us to tell you how a show will sell, what other venues have paid, the value of each act in each market and how to cut the riders – so that you get the right act for the right price. ARD has its finger on the pulse of which acts are hot right now. We can tell you the dates these entertainers last played in your market, average number of tickets sold per show, average ticket price, ticket price, average gross sales and gross sales history in your market. Putting the right act into your venue is what we do best. If needed – we will not only buy the act – we will design and produce a world-class concert for you. From the minute you decide which act to book ARD will make the process seamless. From contract signing to the concert date ARD has got you covered. If you have any questions or concerns along the way our team, headed by our President, Tony DiNizo, will be there to take your call.

Office: 609-348-8059

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